March for Missions 2024

Our 2025 March for Missions, titled “To the Least of These” is underway! Due to the nature of missionary reports, some of this month’s audio will not be available.

3 March 2024—(Audio Unavailable)

10 March 2024— Young Life & Greenleaf Ministries [Logan Brown, Ken Harer & Robby Ward] (46:10)

17 March 2024—Wycliffe Bible Translators [Andy Ott] (29:00)

Finding God In Our Grief

Grief is an unfortunate and frequent part of this life. When we deal with grief and the pain of loss, it’s natural to ask the question, “Where is God in all of this?” In this sermon series, we will look into God’s Word to answer that question, and to find comfort for ourselves and for others.

4 February 2024—Part 1: “Grieved by What Causes Grief” (48:53)

11 February 2024—Part 2: “Sharing Our Grief” (43:02)

18 February 2024—Part 3: “Carrying Our Grief” (37:59)

25 February 2024—Part 4: “Overcoming Our Grief” (37:41)

What God Makes New

It’s the same story every year: people make New Year’s Resolutions and determine to keep them, but they fail by February, which causes them to feel defeated and discouraged. The good news is, change is possible! Fresh starts are possible! The really good news is that it doesn’t depend on self-help or self-effort! In this sermon series, “What God Makes New,” Pastor Chris is going to focus on 4 new things God promises and provides for every believer.

7 January 2024—Part 1: “A New Heart & A New Spirit” (40:30)

14 January 2024—Part 2: “A New Purpose” (38:33)

21 January 2024—Part 3: “A New Identity” (36:31)

28 January 2024—Part 4: “A New Reality” (42:06)