Archived Series (2023)

“The Christ of Christmas”
“Peculiar People”
“The Bible’s Best Words”
“Practical Prayers”
“The Answer”
“The Kingdom Way”

The Christ of Christmas

"Jesus is the reason for the season." "Keep Christ in Christmas." Those popular phrases are good reminders for us as we go through the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday. However, it’s not enough to just say those things. We need to remember why Jesus is so worthy of our focus during this special season and every day following. So let’s ask God to use this sermon series to give us a renewed sense of wonder as we talk and think about The Christ of Christmas.

3 December 2023—The Eternal Son (33:24)

10 December 2023—The Humble Servant (40:23)

17 December 2023—The Sacrificed Savior (27:55)

24 December 2023—The Returning King (36:13)

Peculiar People

Holiness is standing out from sinful society and living like Christ as we live in the world. That’s what we’re called to as Christians, and that’s what our focus will be as we go through 1 Peter in this series.

1 October 2023—Part 1 (42:54)

8 October 2023—Part 2 (39:17)

15 October 2023—Part 3 (38:49)

22 October 2023—Part 4 (40:38)

5 November 2023—Part 5 (46:04)

12 November 2023—Part 6 (43:40)

19 November 2023—Part 7 (33:40)

26 November 2023—Part 8 (40:08)

The Bible’s Best Words

The reason our world is in such a mess comes down to one word: Sin. Thankfully, it doesn’t have the last word. In this new sermon series, Pastor Chris is taking us through the Bible’s Best Words and what they tell us about the only remedy for our biggest problem.

3 September 2023—Part 1: “Our Biggest Problem” (30:44)

10 September 2023—Part 2: “Our Greatest Need” (40:24)

17 September 2023—Part 3: “The Solution: Justification and Redemption” (38:10)

24 September 2023—Part 4: “The Payment: Propitiation” (38:40)

Practical Prayers

“The Lord’s Prayer” in Matthew 6 provides a great model prayer for all of us to learn from and apply to our prayer life. It is not the only example God gave us. In this series, Pastor Chris lead us through several prayers found throughout the Old Testament.

4 June 2023—Part 1: “The Prayer of Abraham” (40:54)

11 June 2023—Part 2: “The Prayer of Moses” (37:15)

18 June 2023—Part 3: “The Prayer of Moses” (44:43)

25 June 2023—Part 4: “The Prayer of David” (43:05)

2 July 2023—Part 5: “The Prayer of David” (39:28)

9 July 2023—Part 6: “The Prayer of Solomon” (33:17)

16 July 2023—Part 7: “The Prayer of Elijah” (36:06)

6 August 2023—Part 8: “The Prayer of Elisha” (35:27)

13 August 2023—Part 9: “The Prayer of Elisha” (36:37)

20 August 2023—Part 10: “The Prayer of Jonah” (43:08)


Everyone longs for real connection, and everyone looks for it in different places. Yet no matter how much time has passed, the best example of what authentic, meaningful connection looks like is found in the pages of scripture. In this series, “Connected: The Blueprint for Biblical Community,” we will study 4 major ways the early Church truly connected, and we will seek to apply that to the way we function as the Church today.

7 May 2023—Part 1: “Connected By The Word” (34:19)

14 May 2023—Part 2: “Connected By Fellowship” (37:37)

21 May 2023—Part 3: “Connected By Communion” (34:47)

28 May 2023—Part 4: “Connected By Prayer” (43:19)

The Answer

1 Peter 3:15 instructs us to “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” Thankfully, we don’t have to look very far to find an answer to such an important question. We just need to point people to the Cross of Christ and to His empty tomb. In this 4 week series, Pastor Chris will remind us that the events surrounding Easter should be what we focus on and celebrate every day of our lives.

2 April 2023—Part 1: “Why Our Works Won’t Work” (40:53)

9 April 2023—Part 2: “The Reason We Believe” (42:29)

16 April 2023—Part 3: “Why the Resurrection Matters Now” (42:15)

23 April 2023—Part 4: “Why the Resurrection Matters Later” (36:24)

The Kingdom Way

This sermon series by Pastor Chris is based on the Sermon on the Mount from the book of Matthew.

1 January 2023—Part 1: “How to Be Happy” (40:33)

8 January 2023—Part 2: “How to Be Happy” (36:14)

15 January 2023—Part 3: “Salt and Light” (34:15)

22 January 2023—Part 4: “Fulfilled, Not Destroyed” (36:45)

29 January 2023—Part 5: “Fulfilled, Not Destroyed” (37:27)

5 February 2023—Part 6: “Unlearn What You Have Learned” (37:18)

12 February 2023—Part 7: “Unlearn What You Have Learned” (38:39)

19 February 2023—Part 8: “Bling Blind” (38:02) [Pastor Matthew]