Archived Series (2022)

“One Anothers”
“Keep It In Context”
“Christ Encounters”
“The Big Three”
“What Are the Odds?”
“Biblical Church Leadership”
“The God of the New”
“Live By Faith,
Be Led By Truth”


Life is full of the unexpected, and the Christmas season is no exception. There are unexpected additions to an already full calendar, unexpected sources of stress, and unexpected gifts we get, as well as those we realize we need to get for others. Christmas is the celebration of God doing the unthinkable—becoming one of us, to rescue and redeem us—and doing it in very unexpected ways. In this series, Pastor Chris explores the unexpected details surrounding the first Christmas and how those details continue to impact our world and our lives today.

4 December 2022—Part 1: “An Enexpected Plan” (39:27)

11 December 2022—Part 2: “An Enexpected Announcement” (36:48)

18 December 2022—Part 3: “An Enexpected Threat” (32:52)

25 December 2022—Part 4: “An Enexpected Purpose” (29:31)

One Anothers

The secret to having a thriving church family doesn't lie in implementing better programs, or adding more technology and resources. Instead, it lies in the people themselves doing what God has clearly instructed them to do. The New Testament uses the phrase, “one another” at least 100 times to describe how people in a local church should consistently act and interact. In this series Pastor Chris will lead us in a study of six of these statements, and how they apply to our personal lives and our local church.

23 October 2022—Part 1: “Love One Another” (40:16)

30 October 2022—Part 2: “Forgive One Another” (35:09)

6 November 2022—Part 3: “Don’t Provoke or Envy One Another” (34:35)

13 November 2022—Part 4: “Don’t Criticize One Another” (36:23)

20 November 2022—Part 5: “Consider One Another” (34:49)

27 November 2022—Part 6: “Live in Harmony With One Another” (33:10)

Keep It in Context

Have you ever come in late to a movie that’s already started, and you have no idea what’s going on? That’s because you’re missing the context. Context is key to understanding what’s going on. The same is true for Scripture; context is the key to good Biblical interpretation and application. In this new series, we’re going to examine several well-known Bible passages that often get taken out of context and misapplied. Join us as we learn what these Scriptures are really saying and how God intends for them to be applied.

11 September 2022—Part 1: “Will God Give Me a Ferrari?” (32:00) [Pastor Chris]

18 September 2022—Part 2: “Why Judge?” (31:14) [Pastor Chris]

25 September 2022—Part 3: “Bound, Loosed & Present” (35:55) [Pastor Matthew]

2 October 2022—Part 4: “All Part of the Plan (1/2)” (41:26) [Pastor Chris]

9 October 2022—Part 5: “All Part of the Plan (2/2)” (38:19) [Pastor Chris]

16 October 2022—Part 6: “What All Things REALLY Means” (32:04) [Pastor Chris]

Christ Encounters

Whenever someone met Jesus while He was here on earth, they never left the encounter the same as they were before. This summer, we’re going to focus on several of those personal encounters. As we listen in on these conversations, let’s ask the Holy Spirit to give us ears to hear what Jesus would say to us—that we too may come away truly changed.

5 June 2022—Part 1: “Andrew & Peter” (38:04) [Pastor Chris]

12 June 2022—Part 2: “Philip & Nathanael” (37:12) [Pastor Chris]

19 June 2022—Part 3: “Matthew” (41:12) [Pastor Chris]

26 June 2022—Part 4: “The Woman at the Well” (45:45) [Pastor Chris]

3 July 2022—Part 5: “The Man with a Withered Hand” (36:54) [Pastor Scott]

10 July 2022—Part 6: “The Missing Men” (35:54) [Mr. Doug Lehman]

17 July 2022—Part 7: “Zacchæus” (43:10) [Pastor Chris]

24 July 2022—Part 8: “Simon the Pharisee” (41:13) [Pastor Chris]

31 July 2022—Part 9: “The Rich Young Ruler” (41:17) [Pastor Chris]

7 August 2022—Part 10: “Nicodemus (1/2)” (39:35) [Pastor Chris]

14 August 2022—Part 11: “Nicodemus (2/2)” (41:39) [Pastor Chris]

21 August 2022—Part 12: “A Man Possessed” (31:54) [Pastor Chris]

28 August 2022—Part 13: “The Leper” (37:32) [Pastor Chris]

4 September 2022—Part 14: “Simon Peter” (33:58) [Pastor Chris]


The Big Three

Nobody likes a liar, and we can often recognize a lie when he hear it. But what about the lies we tell ourselves? In this three-part series, Pastor Chris will confront three of the biggest, most pervasive lies we tell ourselves and easily believe. Thankfully, the truth of God’s Word can help us to unravel these lies and free ourselves from their grip.

1 May 2022—Part 1: “I Need X to Feel Y” (31:31)

8 May 2022—Part 2: “I Deserve _______” (34:57)

15 May 2022—Part 3: “That’s Just the Way I Am” (34:46)

“What Are the Odds?”

What are the odds that Jesus would fulfill all of the O.T. prophecies about the Messiah and his work on earth? What are the odds that he would fulfill even half of them? In this Easter sermon series based on Isaiah 53, we will examine some of the amazing prophecies that Jesus completely fulfilled, and we’ll consider some of the ways that should affect our lives today.

20 March 2022—Part 1: “The Revealed & Rejected Redeemer” (33:30)

27 March 2022—Part 2: “The Sinner’s Substitute” (41:03)

3 April 2022—Part 3: “Willing Scapegoat, Humble Lamb” (38:08)

10 April 2022—Part 4: “Dead, but Not Done” (31:53)

17 April 2022—Part 5: “Because He Lives” (29:53)

“Biblical Church Leadership”

Our church’s theme for the year is Living by Faith, Led by Truth. We want that to define everything we do, and that includes the area of church leadership.

In His Word, God has given us a clear blueprint for what healthy, effective church leadership looks like and how it should function.

We hope you will join us for this important series as we seek to study and apply what it means to have truly biblical church leadership.

13 February 2022—Part 1: “Don’t Miss the Distinction” (43:40)

20 February 2022—Part 2: “What Elders Must Do (1/2)” (38:16)

27 February 2022—Part 3: “What Elders Must Do (2/2)” (39:27)

6 March 2022—Part 4: “What Elders Must Be” (34:38)

13 March 2022—Part 5: “Deacons: The Church’s Sacred Servants” (41:19)

The God of the New

No matter how many new years we see, it’s easy to get stuck in the past. In this series, Pastor Chris encourages us to focus on The God of the New, and some specific ways He offers to make us new every single day.

9 January 2022—Part 1: “What God Loves to Do” (29:43)

23 January 2022—Part 2: “New Courage” (39:11)

30 January 2022—Part 3: “New Forgiveness” (41:24)

2022 Inaugural Message

We don’t know what the future holds, but we can be confident that He who holds all our days in His hands is faithful, and that makes all the difference. In this message, Pastor Chris introduces our theme for the new year: “Living by Faith, Led by Truth.”

2 January 2022—“Live by Faith, Be Led by Truth” (46:41)