The Big Three

Nobody likes a liar, and we can often recognize a lie when he hear it. But what about the lies we tell ourselves? In this three-part series, Pastor Chris will confront three of the biggest, most pervasive lies we tell ourselves and easily believe. Thankfully, the truth of God’s Word can help us to unravel these lies and free ourselves from their grip.

1 May 2022—Part 1: “I Need X to Feel Y” (31:31)

8 May 2022—Part 2: “I Deserve _______” (34:57)

15 May 2022—Part 3: “That’s Just the Way I Am” (34:46)

“What Are the Odds?”

What are the odds that Jesus would fulfill all of the O.T. prophecies about the Messiah and his work on earth? What are the odds that he would fulfill even half of them? In this Easter sermon series based on Isaiah 53, we will examine some of the amazing prophecies that Jesus completely fulfilled, and we’ll consider some of the ways that should affect our lives today.

20 March 2022—Part 1: “The Revealed & Rejected Redeemer” (33:30)

27 March 2022—Part 2: “The Sinner’s Substitute” (41:03)

3 April 2022—Part 3: “Willing Scapegoat, Humble Lamb” (38:08)

10 April 2022—Part 4: “Dead, but Not Done” (31:53)

17 April 2022—Part 5: “Because He Lives” (29:53)

“Biblical Church Leadership”

Our church’s theme for the year is Living by Faith, Led by Truth. We want that to define everything we do, and that includes the area of church leadership.

In His Word, God has given us a clear blueprint for what healthy, effective church leadership looks like and how it should function.

We hope you will join us for this important series as we seek to study and apply what it means to have truly biblical church leadership.

13 February 2022—Part 1: “Don’t Miss the Distinction” (43:40)

20 February 2022—Part 2: “What Elders Must Do (1/2)” (38:16)

27 February 2022—Part 3: “What Elders Must Do (2/2)” (39:27)

6 March 2022—Part 4: “What Elders Must Be” (34:38)

13 March 2022—Part 5: “Deacons: The Church’s Sacred Servants” (41:19)

The God of the New

No matter how many new years we see, it’s easy to get stuck in the past. In this series, Pastor Chris encourages us to focus on The God of the New, and some specific ways He offers to make us new every single day.

9 January 2022—Part 1: “What God Loves to Do” (29:43)

23 January 2022—Part 2: “New Courage” (39:11)

30 January 2022—Part 3: “New Forgiveness” (41:24)