“Doctrine for the Day-to-Day”

Theology isn’t just for professional theologians. It’s foundational and essential for every Christian to know and apply. Join us for this six week series, and you’ll see just how practical the study of biblical doctrine is meant to be.

25 April 2021—Part 1: “Paterology” (44:24)

2 May 2021—Part 2: “Christology” (49:38)

9 May 2021—Part 3: “Pneumatology” (38:27)

16 May 2021—Part 4: “Hamartiology” (50:47)

23 May 2021—Part 5: “Soteriology” (39:10)

30 May 2021—Part 6: “Ecclesiology” (46:55)

“Final Four”

In this four-part study, we will consider the last four events of “Holy Week:” The Last Supper, The Garden of Gethsemane, The Crucifixion of Christ and His victorious Resurrection.

14 March 2021—Part 1: “The Last Supper” (36:21)

21 March 2021—Part 2: “The Garden” (33:29)

28 March 2021—Part 3: “The Crucifixion” (39:54)

4 April 2021—Part 4: “The Resurrection” (42:49)

“Triple Threat”

In this message series, Pastor Chris addresses a “Triple Threat: The Constant Assault On Our Relationship With God.” The series is based on 1 John 2:15-17.

14 February 2021—Part 1: “What Not to Love” (32:00)

21 February 2021—Part 2: “Lust of the Flesh” (41:08)

28 February 2021—Part 3: “Lust of the Eyes” (36:42)

7 March 2021—Part 4: “The Pride of Life” (39:24)

“Thriving by Abiding”

To thrive in the Christian life, you have to live it through Christ. That may sound like a simple concept, but it’s actually pretty complex, and it’s definitely challenging to consistently apply. That’s why we’re going to focus on this principle all year long as a church family. Join us as Pastor Chris begins to explore our theme for 2021: “Thriving by Abiding.”

3 January 2021—Part 1: “Thriving by Abiding” (41:51)

10 January 2021—Part 2: “Love One Another” (34:30)

17 January 2021—Part 3: “Forgiving One Another” (40:06)

24 January 2021—Part 4: “Putting Others First” (36:34)

31 January 2021—Part 5: “Submitting to the Father’s Will” (31:07)