“Gifts Fit for a King”

Every nativity set has three kings. But did you know that the gospels never say they were kings? It also never says there were three of them. And they most certainly were not there on the night Jesus was born. So much of the “Christmas story” is obscured by myths it is easy to miss the beauty of the gifts they brought and what they teach us about our Savior, and ourselves.

Join us for this series, “Gifts Fit for a King.”

6 December 2020—“Part 1—Gold” (34:27)

13 December 2020—“Part 2—Frankincense” (44:14)

20 December 2020—“Part 3—Myrrh” (37:37)

“Joy Full”

Through a year full of uncommon trials and disappointments, the Apostle Paul’s words to the first-century church at Philippi resonate with us in the 21st century as well. Let’s take time to consider and celebrate our source of enduring joy in every season.

Join us for this series, “Joy Full”

8 November 2020—“Part 1: Philippians 1:1–6” (44:33)

15 November 2020—“Part 2: Philippians 2:1–8” (38:17)

22 November 2020—“Part 3: Philippians 3:1–9” (39:24)

29 November 2020—“Part 4: Philippians 4:4–8, 12–13” (27:14)

“Christian: What it Really Means”

“Christian.” It’s a name we take for granted. But what does it actually mean? In this series, we will take time to break it down and explore the rich beauty and responsibility that comes with being a Christian.

Join us for this series, “Christian: What it Really Means”

4 October 2020—Part 1: “The Secret Sauce” (38:39)

11 October 2020—Part 2: “One Way” (39:05)

18 October 2020—Part 3: “Kingdom Citizens” (48:33)

“What’s in a Name?”

We are blessed to be able to read God’s word in our native tongue, a privilege that with every passing year more and more people are able to enjoy. Still, it is worthwhile to take the time explore the rich meaning tucked away in the Hebrew names used of God in the Old Testament.

Join us for this series, “What’s in a Name?”

7 June 2020—Part 1: “Elohim” (35:27)

14 June 2020—Part 2: “El Elyon” (45:03)

21 June 2020—Part 3: “El Shaddai” (37:09)

28 June 2020—Part 4: “El Olam” (46:36)

5 July 2020—Part 5: “Yahweh Yireh” (41:08)

2 August 2020—Part 6: “Yahweh Rapha” (43:36)

9 August 2020—Part 7: “Yahweh Mekoddishkem” (34:29)

16 August 2020—Part 8: “Yahweh Tsidkenu” (36:51)

23 August 2020—Part 9: “Yahweh Shalom” (47:17)

30 August 2020—Part 10: “El Roi” (42:44)

6 September 2020—Part 11: “Yahweh Shammah” (36:45)

“A Psalm for Your Calm”

When life seems overwhelming, it is helpful to pause and remember that our Good Shepherd is always present to deliver provision, comfort and guidance in every circumstance. Join us in this study of Psalm 23—“A Psalm for Your Calm.”

17 May 2020—“A Psalm for Your Calm (Part 1)” (32:00)

24 May 2020—“A Psalm for Your Calm (Part 2)” (29:30)

31 May 2020—“A Psalm for Your Calm (Part 3)” (31:17)

“Searching for Certainty”

The book of Job is unique in its exposure of Satan’s malicious tactics against those whose hearts are devoted to the Lord. Thankfully, because of his story, we can find strength and courage to stand up against anything our enemy throws at us.

19 April 2020—“Searching for Certainty (Part 1)” (32:00)

26 April 2020—“Searching for Certainty (Part 2)” (29:30)

3 May 2020—“Searching for Certainty (Part 3)” (31:17)

“The Savior’s Prayer”

Most Christians would claim they can recite “The Lord’s Prayer” from memory, but the model prayer that we think of by that name is really better described as “The Disciples’ Prayer.” In John’s gospel, however, we find the most beautiful prayer in all of Scripture—the true prayer of our Lord, our Savior and our Shepherd for his sheep.

Join us as we explore, “The Savior’s Prayer”

9 February 2020—“The Savior’s Prayer (Part 1)” (36:49)

16 February 2020—“The Savior’s Prayer (Part 2)” (46:04)

23 February 2020—“The Savior’s Prayer (Part 3)” (57:12)

“Body & Bride”

How does the Lord Jesus see the Church? What does He consider necessary for the health and effectiveness of the Church? How do we see the Church, and what do we consider as being necessary and vital for the Church’s health and effectiveness?

Join us as we consider those things and more in this series, “Body & Bride.”

12 January 2020—“The Body: Many, But One” (41:05)

19 January 2020—“The Body: Unity in Diversity” (46:12)

26 January 2020—“The Bride We Are” (48:09)

2 February 2020—“The Bride We Are Going to Be” (32:03)