2019 Archive

This page contains archived messages from earlier this year.

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“True or False”

We live in a world where it is increasingly difficult to distinguish truth from falsehood. Deception, both subtle and obvious, comes at us from multiple directions and sources. In this series, we’ll consider some common philosophies and agendas present in our world and in the Church. As we do that, we’ll seek to answer the necessary question—Is it true, or false?

05 May 2019—“True or False?” Part 1 (43:38)

12 May 2019—“True or False?” Part 2 (42:43)

19 May 2019—“True or False?” Part 3 (47:45)

26 May 2019—“True or False?” Part 4 (45:17)

“Last Words”

In this series we’ll talk about some of the last words Jesus said on Earth and why they are everything we need to hear.

7 April 2019—“Father, Forgive Them” (36:07)

14 April 2019—“Why Have You Forsaken Me?” (43:22)

21 April 2019—“It Is Finished” (34:06)

“Our Missionary God”

March is Missions Emphasis month at Faith. Why should work of evangelism and discipleship at home and around the world be so important to us? Why should every true child of God have a heart for missions? The simple answer is: because our God has always been a missionary God.

3 March 2019—“A Missionary Heart” (36:42)

10 March 2019—“The Missionary’s Message” (34:49)

17 March 2019—“The Missionary’s Motivation” (29:51)

24 March 2019—“Our Mission, His Work” (30:26)

“What God Treasures”

In Matthew 6:21, Jesus said: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Our theme for 2019 for is “Treasuring What God Treasures.” What better way to align our hearts with the Lords than to take time to consider what he tells us he treasures? That’s exactly what Pastor Chris and our other pastoral staff members did during our series: “What God Treasures.”

6 January 2019—“God Treasures His Word” (34:56)

13 January 2019—“God Treasures Obedience” (40:49)

20 January 2019 (Services cancelled due to hazardous conditions.)

27 January 2019—“God Treasures Repentance” (44:35)

3 February 2019—“God Treasures Genuine Worship” (36:02) [Pastor Matthew]

10 February 2019—“God Treasures Faithful Giving” (40:59)

17 February 2019—“God Treasures Faithful Service” (35:48) [Pastor Scott]

24 February 2019—“God Treasures Our Prayer” (39:04) [Pastor Roger]