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“The Wonder of Christmas”

Remember how magical and miraculous Christmas was as a child? It doesn’t take long to lose a lot of that wonder. Join us each Sunday in December as we consider the true wonder of Christmas.

As we’re reminded of how amazing the real Gift of Christmas is, let’s ask God to give us opportunities to share the gift of His Son Jesus with those who have yet to receive Him.

2 December 2018—Part 1: “The Wonder of Participation” (39:54)

16 December 2018—Part 2: “The Wonder of Proclamation” (39:00)

23 December 2018—Part 3: “The Wonder of Promise” (40:11)

30 December 2018—Part 4: “The Wonder of Purpose” (43:20)

“The Head and the Heart”

In our four-part series “The Head and the Heart” Pastor Chris has been challenging us to consider the importance of the mind and emotions in the Christian life. Unfortunately, we often separate and isolate the two. This can be true of us as individuals, as a body, or even as the church as a whole. However, God’s Word teaches that true worship comes from every part of our being and should include both thinking and feeling.

7 October 2018—“Loving God with Our Mind and Emotions” (32:27)

14 October 2018—“The Mind Matters” (37:57)

21 October 2018—“The Heart of the Matter” (34:00)

28 October 2018—“Action Required” (41:20)

“Hot Buttons”

We live in a world where there are many polarizing, “hot button” issues. Contrary to the opinion of some, the Church should not stay silent in regard to the controversial, cultural issues of our day. What we have to ask is, “What does God have to say about it?” That’s the question we will seek to answer and apply throughout our September series, “Hot Buttons.”

2 September 2018—Week 1: “Politics” (33:32)

9 September 2018—Week 2: “Depression” (44:21)

16 September 2018—Week 3: “Sexuality” (50:30)

23 September 2018—(Coming Soon; See note below)

30 September 2018—Week 5: “Racial Tension”  (38:23)

† In addition to Pastor Chris Chesley, this landmark recording features special guest Damon Hamby, Pastor of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church.

NOTE: Due to the nature of the message on 23 September, additional production is necessary before release will be possible. Please check back later.

“The Comeback”

We’re all familiar with failing in our spiritual lives. However, the good news is that no matter how big our failure may be, God is bigger. His forgiveness and grace are more than enough for anyone to be able to experience… “The Comeback.”

22 July 2018—“Moses’s Story” (35:37)

29 July 2018—“David’s Story” (34:27)

5 August 2018—“Manasseh’s Story” (52:18)

12 August 2018—“Zacchaeus’s Story” (40:45) [Pastor Roger]

19 August 2018—“Peter’s Story” (33:33)

† Includes a personal testimony by Debbie Johnson and the song “He Has Forgiven Me” from Damaris Carbaugh’s 1996 release, “Giving My Life Away” (out of print).


20 May 2018—Part 1 (40:22)

27 May 2018—(No recording)

3 June 2018—Part 3 (41:35)

10 June 2018—(No recording)


In this series, we’re talking about the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, we can easily neglect to depend on and honor Him in our churches, and our personal lives.

Begin asking the Holy Spirit to prepare our hearts for these messages, and that through them, we will remember how vital His ministry and work really are.

8 April 2018—Part 1 (43:21)

15 April 2018—Part 2 (41:54)

22 April 2018—Part 3 (43:04)

29 April 2018—Part 4 (48:30)

“We Are the Church”

18 February 2018—Part 1 (50:14)

25 February 2018—Part 2 (44:55)

4 March 2018—Part 3 (40:56)

“Resolutions: Back to Basics”

In our January series, “Resolutions: Back to the Basics” Pastor Chris Chesley reminded us of some fundamental truths we believe are key to starting off the new year right.

7 January 2018—“Remember You’ve Been Made New” (38:16)

14 January 2018—“Revive Your Prayer Life” (45:37)

28 January 2018—“Realign Your Focus” (41:56)