2016 Archive

This page contains archived messages from 2016.

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“Regifting Christmas”

Our December 2016 sermon series by Pastor Chris Chesley

4 Dec 2016—“The Gift of Light” (38:35)

11 Dec 2016—“The Gift of Hope” (44:22)

18 Dec 2016—“The Gift of Purpose” (39:37)

25 Dec 2016—“The Gift of Life” (43:09)


A four-week study in Biblical stewardship by Pastor Chris Chesley

25 September—Week 1: “iOwn My Faith” (46:08)

2 October—Week 2: “iOwn My Giving” (34:28)

9 October—Week 3: “iOwn My Family” (37:41)*

16 October—Week 4: “iOwn My Ministry” (44:50)

* Note: On 9 October, we experienced an equipment malfunction that prevented the first few seconds of the message from being recorded. This recording starts with the message in progress.

“The Power of Proper Perspective”

A five-week study by Pastor Chris Chesley

31 Jul 2016—“The Source of Joy” (38:13)

7 Aug 2016—“Christlike Community” (37:49)

21 Aug 2016—“Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing” (40:53)

28 Aug 2016—“Keep Moving Forward” (30:59)

4 Sep 2016—“Worthless Worry” (36:14)

“Family Foundations”

A four-week series on the family by Pastor Chris Chesley

12 Jun 2016—“Spiritual Disciplines” (51:12)

19 Jun 2016—“The Father Your Family Needs” (44:53)

3 Jul 2016—“Communication” (40:20)

17 Jul 2016—“Family Evangelism” (34:11)


Chris Chesley was installed as Lead Pastor on 15 May, 2016. In this, “inaugural series,” he articulates his vision for the body at Faith.

22 May 2016—“DREAM: Vision for FBC Going Forward” (42:36)

29 May 2016—“NEED: How to Turn the Dream Into Reality” (47:43)

5 Jun 2016—“ACTION: Getting to Work!” (48:55)

Pastoral Candidate Chris Chesley

20 March 2016—“Jesus: Chain Breaker, Change Maker” (38:12)

17 April 2016—“The Constant” (44:50)

Transition Series

The following messages from Pastor Halsey address our Pastoral Transition:

13 March 2016—“How to Kickstart a New Beginning” (Part 1/3) (45:58)

24 April 2016—“How to Kickstart a New Beginning” (Part 2/3) (44:56)

1 May 2016—“How to Kickstart a New Beginning” (Part 3/3) (26:05)

“The Year of The Word”

A series by Pastor Larry Halsey

17 January 2016—“Heard In Heaven” (23:56)

24 January 2016—(No service due to inclement weather)

31 January 2016—“Catch the Glory!” (28:55)

7 February 2016—“Saved, Secure and Sanctified” (35:57)

21 February 2016—“When Jesus Prayed for You” (33:41)

28 February 2016—“New Beginnings” (21:00)

6 March 2016—“Bring the Book!” (42:22)

Individual Messages

The following messages were not a part of a larger series:

3 January 2016—“Eternity in the Air” (30:18) [Pastor Halsey]

10 January 2016—“One Nation Under God” (39:38) [Pastor Halsey]

14 February 2016—“Making Love Last” (35:16) [Pastor Halsey]

18 Sep 2016—“Faith Works” (32:45) [Pastor Chris]

6 Nov 2016—“Adopted” (37:33) [Pastor Chris]


No recordings are available for these dates:

10 Jul 2016—Special service during power outage

26 Jun 2016—Pastor Halsey Retirement Banquet and Service