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Current Series: One Anothers

The secret to having a thriving church family doesn't lie in implementing better programs, or adding more technology and resources. Instead, it lies in the people themselves doing what God has clearly instructed them to do. The New Testament uses the phrase, “one another” at least 100 times to describe how people in a local church should consistently act and interact. In this series Pastor Chris will lead us in a study of six of these statements, and how they apply to our personal lives and our local church.

23 October 2022—Part 1: “Love One Another” (40:16)

30 October 2022—Part 2: “Forgive One Another” (35:09)

6 November 2022—Part 3: “Don’t Provoke or Envy One Another” (34:35)

13 November 2022—Part 4: “Don’t Criticize One Another” (36:23)

20 November 2022—Part 5: “Consider One Another” (34:49)

27 November 2022—Part 6: “Live in Harmony With One Another” (33:10)

Keep It in Context

Have you ever come in late to a movie that’s already started, and you have no idea what’s going on? That’s because you’re missing the context. Context is key to understanding what’s going on. The same is true for Scripture; context is the key to good Biblical interpretation and application. In this new series, we’re going to examine several well-known Bible passages that often get taken out of context and misapplied. Join us as we learn what these Scriptures are really saying and how God intends for them to be applied.

11 September 2022—Part 1: “Will God Give Me a Ferrari?” (32:00) [Pastor Chris]

18 September 2022—Part 2: “Why Judge?” (31:14) [Pastor Chris]

25 September 2022—Part 3: “Bound, Loosed & Present” (35:55) [Pastor Matthew]

2 October 2022—Part 4: “All Part of the Plan (1/2)” (41:26) [Pastor Chris]

9 October 2022—Part 5: “All Part of the Plan (2/2)” (38:19) [Pastor Chris]

16 October 2022—Part 6: “What All Things REALLY Means” (32:04) [Pastor Chris]

Archived Series (2022)

“The God of the New”
“Biblical Church Leadership”
“What Are the Odds?”
“The Big Three”
“Christ Encounters”

Stand-Alone Messages

Stand-alone messages by members of our pastoral staff and others.

29 May 2022—“Preparing Our Hearts for Communion” (39:43) [Mr. Dan Best]

22 May 2022—“Run Well” (26:46) [Pastor Chris]

24 April 2022—“#YOUTOO” (39:57) [Pastor Matthew]

6 February 2022—“God at Work in Lonely Times” (45:19) [Dr. John King]

2 January 2022—“Live by Faith, Be Led by Truth” (46:41) [Pastor Chris]

26 December 2021—“One more thing.” (34:45) [Pastor Matthew]

28 November 2021—“Strength in Stress” (35:12) [Pastor Chris]

8 August 2021—“Repentance and Revival” (47:02) [Pastor Chris]

18 April 2021—“Citizens” (39:28) [Pastor Matthew]

11 April 2021—John 21 (29:17) [Mr. C.J. Handley]

7 February 2021—John 10:1-21 (19:45) [Mr. C.J. Handley]

27 December 2020—Luke 2 (22:24) [Mr. C.J. Handley]

1 November 2020—“The Father’s Heart for Adoption” (22:34) [Pastor Scott]

25 October 2020—“Remember Your Leaders” (34:25) [Mr. Dan Best]

20 September 2020—Acts 17:16–34 (32:48) [Mr. C.J. Handley]

13 September 2020—“Freed” (32:48) [Mr. John Page]

10 May 2020—Mothers’ Day 2020 (34:38) [Pastor Chris]

12 April 2020—Resurrection Sunday 2020 (39:46) [Pastor Chris]

8 March 2020—“The Church’s Mission: Developing a Gospel-Focused Wartime Mentality” (37:03) [Mr. Phillip Peterson]

1 March 2020—“Believe the Word? Tell the World!” (39:00) [Pastor Chris]

5 January 2020—“No Shadow of Turning” (35:19) [Pastor Chris]

29 December 2019—“Walk Far” (37:00) [Pastor Roger]

24 November 2019—“Forgiven” (44:17) [Pastor Matthew]

13 October 2019—“The Word of God and the Will of God” (36:27) [Guest: Dr. Gene Getz]

6 October 2019—“The Real You” (38:08) [Pastor Chris]

29 September 2019—“The Real Jesus” (42:29) [Pastor Chris]

15 September 2019—“No BC” (36:52) [Pastor Chris]

1 September 2019—“Nothing Shall Be Impossible” (38:26) [Pastor Roger]

28 April 2019—“What If? What Now?” (36:27) [Pastor Chris]

25 November 2018—“Family Tree” (34:14) [Pastor Chris]

18 November 2018—“Remember to be Thankful” (31:51) [Pastor Chris]

11 November 2018—“Adopted or Not” (39:30) [Pastor Chris]

4 November 2018—“Knowing and Doing the Will of God” (30:49) [Don Johnson]

26 August 2018—“#blessed” (46:14) [Guest: Pastor Aaron Harding]

15 July 2018—“Consider the Source” (32:18) [Pastor Matthew]

8 July 2018—“Do You Smell That?” (42:41) [Pastor Scott]

1 April 2018—“But Wait… There’s MORE!” (40:21) [Pastor Chris]

18 March 2018—“The Word of God is Not Bound!” (37:38) [Guest: David Childs]

29 October 2017—“O Sola Mio” (35:00) [Pastor Matthew]

24 September 2017—“A Greater Savior” (38:39) [Pastor Chris]

10 September 2017—“No Other Gods” (41:15) [Pastor Chris]

27 August 2017—“Sand or Stone” (41:07) [Pastor Chris]

20 August 2017—“On Mission” (34:49) [Pastor Chris]

25 June 2017—“Burden Bearers” (37:39) [Pastor Chris]

18 June 2017—“Show Us the Father” (40:17) [Pastor Chris]

19 Feb 2017—“God’s Protection in Tough Times” (29:50) [Pastor Charles]

29 Jan 2017—“The Way to Thrive” (50:53) [Pastor Chris]

22 Jan 2017—“Who Will You Serve?” (33:15) [Pastor Charles]

27 Nov 2016—“Give Thanks” (31:29) [Pastor Matthew]

20 Nov 2016—“A Seat at the Table” (36:49) [Pastor Chris]