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Recent: “Jesus: Prophet, Priest, King”

In the Bible, we read about many different men that served as a Prophet, a Priest, or a King. Only one Person has been the perfect combination of all three at once. In this 3 part series by Pastor Chris Chesley, we will consider Christ’s unique threefold office of divine Prophet, Priest, and King, and why that’s so significant for all of us.

05 November 2017—“Jesus: Prophet” (40:48)

12 November 2017—“Jesus: Priest” (38:41)

26 November 2017—“Jesus: King” (38:40)

Reformation Sunday

October 31st was the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the church at Wittenburg—the event considered by many to have sparked the Protestant Reformation. We celebrated “Reformation Sunday” by considering the fruit of the Reformation and its challenge to 21st century Christians.

Kevin Traube provided a special “5 in 5” feature introducing the “Five Solas” of the Reformation before the message by Pastor Matthew Hill.

29 October 2017—“O Sola Mio” (35:00)

Archived Series (2017)

“Marriage By Design”
“Who I Am”
“Vital Signs”
“UNFAIR—His Pain, Our Gain”
“God is >”
2017 Inaugural Series

Stand-Alone Messages

Stand-alone messages by members of our pastoral staff.

24 September 2017—“A Greater Savior” (38:39) [Pastor Chris]

10 September 2017—“No Other Gods” (41:15) [Pastor Chris]

27 August 2017—“Sand or Stone” (41:07) [Pastor Chris]

20 August 2017—“On Mission” (34:49) [Pastor Chris]

25 June 2017—“Burden Bearers” (37:39) [Pastor Chris]

18 June 2017—“Show Us the Father” (40:17) [Pastor Chris]

19 Feb 2017—“God’s Protection in Tough Times” (29:50) [Pastor Charles]

29 Jan 2017—“The Way to Thrive” (50:53) [Pastor Chris]

22 Jan 2017—“Who Will You Serve?” (33:15) [Pastor Charles]

27 Nov 2016—“Give Thanks” (31:29) [Pastor Matthew]

20 Nov 2016—“A Seat at the Table” (36:49) [Pastor Chris]