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New Year Series—What God Treasures

In Matthew 6:21, Jesus said: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Our theme for 2019 for is “Treasuring What God Treasures.” What better way to align our hearts with the Lords than to take time to consider what he tells us he treasures? That’s exactly what Pastor Chris and our other pastoral staff members are doing during our current series: “What God Treasures.”

6 January 2019—“God Treasures His Word” (34:56)

13 January 2019—“God Treasures Obedience” (40:49)

20 January 2019 (Services cancelled due to hazardous conditions.)

27 January 2019—“God Treasures Repentance” (44:35)

3 February 2019—“God Treasures Genuine Worship” (36:02) [Pastor Matthew]

10 February 2019—“God Treasures Faithful Giving” (40:59)

17 February 2019—“God Treasures Faithful Service” (35:48) [Pastor Scott]

Archived Series (2018)

“The Wonder of Christmas”
“The Head & The Heart”
“Hot Buttons”
“The Comeback”
“Firstfruits” (Partial Series)
“We Are the Church”
“Resolutions: Getting Back to Basics”

Stand-Alone Messages

Stand-alone messages by members of our pastoral staff.

25 November 2018—“Family Tree” (34:14) [Pastor Chris]

18 November 2018—“Remember to be Thankful” (31:51) [Pastor Chris]

11 November 2018—“Adopted or Not” (39:30) [Pastor Chris]

4 November 2018—“Knowing and Doing the Will of God” (30:49) [Don Johnson]

26 August 2018—“#blessed” (46:14) [Guest: Pastor Aaron Harding]

15 July 2018—“Consider the Source” (32:18) [Pastor Matthew]

8 July 2018—“Do You Smell That?” (42:41) [Pastor Scott]

1 April 2018—“But Wait… There’s MORE!” (40:21) [Pastor Chris]

18 March 2018—“The Word of God is Not Bound!” (37:38) [Guest: David Childs]

29 October 2017—“O Sola Mio” (35:00) [Pastor Matthew]

24 September 2017—“A Greater Savior” (38:39) [Pastor Chris]

10 September 2017—“No Other Gods” (41:15) [Pastor Chris]

27 August 2017—“Sand or Stone” (41:07) [Pastor Chris]

20 August 2017—“On Mission” (34:49) [Pastor Chris]

25 June 2017—“Burden Bearers” (37:39) [Pastor Chris]

18 June 2017—“Show Us the Father” (40:17) [Pastor Chris]

19 Feb 2017—“God’s Protection in Tough Times” (29:50) [Pastor Charles]

29 Jan 2017—“The Way to Thrive” (50:53) [Pastor Chris]

22 Jan 2017—“Who Will You Serve?” (33:15) [Pastor Charles]

27 Nov 2016—“Give Thanks” (31:29) [Pastor Matthew]

20 Nov 2016—“A Seat at the Table” (36:49) [Pastor Chris]