During his earthly ministry, Jesus often drew a large crowd. Many followed him for a while, hoping to catch a glimpse of the miracles he was known to perform. On at least two occasions, he fed thousands of people. Most folks are familiar with “The Sermon On the Mount.” Clearly, our Lord was comfortable in front of a crowd.

But when you dig into the gospels, you will discover that Jesus did most of his teaching in the intimate fellowship of his closest disciples—the men that scripture calls “the twelve.” In fact, when Jesus did address a larger audience, he would often speak in parables—not to make things easier for them to understand, but so that they might not grasp that which was not meant for them.

At Faith, we believe that Jesus exemplified the power of ministry within a small group. That is why we have placed so much emphasis on developing a strong small group ministry over the past 10 years. We call this ministry “LifeGroups.” It is our desire that every member of our body be involved in a LifeGroup.

Our LifeGroups meet all over the Greater Beckley Region, in private homes and on our Prosperity, WV campus. For more information about joining a LifeGroup, please contact Pastor Scott Lawson.

LifeGroups. Join one and start growing today!